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Large Game Tote Set

Large Game Tote Set

Extra large game tote for marbles and card games, carbles.

Got the game?  You will love this accessory!! This one is hard to find, so we found a local seamstress that stepped up to the plate and the handiwork is exceptional!

Unlined polyester tote (approximately 26" x 26" to fit 24" dia. marble game) plus handles (approx. 20" total), for storage or carrying your marble game to your friends house, family get-together, camping, Florida for the winter, etc.  (the tote does not close at the top) The material is the same on both sides.  Very sturdy, somewhat stiff upholstery fabric.  Would work well for artwork, pictures, etc. as well.

Includes small matching pouch (approximately 6" x 8") which holds cards, marbles (24) plus instructions and has a draw string.  We currently store 3 game boards in ours so it's that roomy.  For strength, I would not load the tote with more than 2 game boards for transporting, however, the handles are sewn on very well and it can hold a lot of weight.

Tote sets come in assorted patterns/fabrics depending on material availability.  I'll keep this website updated so you know what is in stock. 

Spot clean only.  Game sold separately.

Made in USA.

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