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Tote Sets for Marble Game Board

Tote Sets for Marble Game Board

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Got the game?  You will love this accessory!! This one is hard to find, so we found a local seamstress that stepped up to the plate!

Unlined polyester tote (approximately 26" x 26") with handles, for storage or carrying your marble game to your friends house, family get-together, camping, Florida for the winter, etc.  (the tote does not close at the top) The material is the same on both sides.

Includes small matching pouch (approximately 6" x 8") which holds cards, marbles (24) plus instructions and has a draw string.  We currently store 3 game boards in ours so it's that roomy.  For strength, I would not load the tote with more than 2 game boards to take outside your house though.

Tote sets come in assorted patterns/fabrics depending on material availability.  I'll keep this website updated so you know what is in stock. 

Made in USA.

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